Since its inception in 2011, IRRATIONAL ROBOT BUREAU has committed itself to presenting uncommon productions that take the basic schematics of theater and performance and create events without analogue. The IRB is dedicated to presenting devised, developmental or experimental pieces, exploring classic/modern dynamics, theater-as-event, and other performance work not defined by institutional parameters.

Adrian D. Cameron (Founder/Director/Bureau Chief) is a conservatory-trained theater artist and alumnus of LaMaMa ETC's and Lincoln Center Theatre's directing programs who began his career in New York City before relocating to Seattle in 2006 where he has presented productions of remixed theater (REMIX.NITE>>>VOL.01 - UnderkultureTheatre Project/IRB) multimedia cabaret theater (Calling Mary Kate - Barnstorm:The Cabaret Re-Imagined), hybrid experimental music/theater (The Dinner - IRB), French absurdist drama (Ionesco's La Leçon - Playing French Festival), surreal karaoke theater (Android Arias - IRB @ Seattle Fringe Festival), robot-populated Dada performance (Tzara's The Gas Heart - IRB), the burning texts of a French surrealist-poet-theater innovator-drug addict-supposed madman via an awards show (The Artaud Awards - IRB), and post-modern PI noir (The LaSalle Fragments - IRB). He is Irrational Robot Bureau's Founder/Director/Bureau Chief.